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Eddie Bauer Approved $350CL

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Re: Eddie Bauer Approved $350CL

@pamon wrote:

Saw I got something in the mail from Comenity and figured it was a privacy type notice. Wait, it was a preapproval letter from Eddie Bauer via Comenity. Stated to call or go online. It's 930pm on a Tuesday, so figured I'd go online, and bam $350 approval. Not a lot, but still another card with them. Still can't get a pop up pre-approval on Gamestop's site for them, but $350 on EB will work. Low 600 ficos across the board and battling old collections, so i'll take it.

Congrats on the approval! Comenity -- despite the negative things you read about them here -- has been helpful to re-builders. Smiley Wink

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