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FNBO Evergreen Auto CLI

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Re: FNBO Evergreen Auto CLI

WooHoo!! Congratulations on your FNBO Approval!!👏🏼🍾🥂

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Re: FNBO Evergreen Auto CLI

Congratulations on your FNBO auto-CLI!

Current Cards (in order of approval):

Current FICO 8 | 9:  
Credit Age:  
Inquiries (6/12/24):  
Banks & CUs:

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Re: FNBO Evergreen Auto CLI

Congrats on your FNBO auto love. 

Rebuild Started in 2019
Total Revolving CL- $186,500 | Opened Cards
Delta SkyMiles Blue- SL-$1K | CL- $19.5K
(pc'd from SkyMiles Platinum back to Blue)
Delta SkyMiles Reserve- SL- $10K | CL- $20K
Chase Sapphire Reserve- SL $20K | CL- $29K
Cap 1 Venture Rewards- SL $10K | CL $ 16.5K
Amex Everyday Preferred- SL $13.1K
Chase Freedom Unlimited: SL $23.4K | CL $46.8K
BoFA Unlimited Cash SL: $20.8K
BoFA Travel Rewards SL: $20.8K
Inquiries: EX 7 | TU 2 | EQ 1
Fico 8 EX 730, TU 734 EQ 784
AAoA: EX/TU- 3yrs / EQ- 6yrs7m
* I went about 20 years without credit cards bc I had ruined my financial health back in 99 as a junior in college. Never thought a creditor would touch me again but somehow I had the courage to apply for a card in 2019 when I turned 40. Have been more responsible since then.
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Re: FNBO Evergreen Auto CLI

@Junejer wrote:

Statement closed yesterday for my FNBO Evergreen Visa. I went in today to claim my cash back and noticed that I received an auto CLI of $3K taking my CL to $23K. I'll take it.

Those unsolicited increases are always the best! Congrats

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