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FNBO Is Totally Awesome!

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Re: FNBO Is Totally Awesome!

Congrats! I have already met the spend on the travel elite and I'm keeping it in the wallet. I just love my FNBO cards!

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Re: FNBO Is Totally Awesome!

@CreditMagic7 wrote:

For a Regional Bank their services continue to Amaze!


Timeline on this card and the increases so far.


I called to see if my Sun Country Visa card was eligible for a SP CLI since it's been over 5 months since November's first increase. Immediate SP for another $5000 CLI, same as the last one. So also asked her to check my Laquinta Rewards Visa card as well but am about one month shy on that one yet.


Today's New Limit is now $13,800.

FICO EX is 768 with only 4 EX INQ's plus <9% UTIL reporting. AAOA 2+ yrs


[Not updated the previous 777 EX in the siggy below while waiting for the new update this month]


Big shout outs to woodyman100, 12njoy, B335is and other Bankcard Visa holders with FNBO who have posted on their own good results and just how solid the potential for steady growth with them is.


And as always FNBO leads in top notch friendly customer service in my opinion.

Congrats CM7.  FNBO is great for sure.  I'm a little late here.  Not much going on for me in the credit world which is why I'm in and out.

Profile Worth 1.2M+ (Just 1 store only card/PayPal Credit @5.5k)
___________ 12Njoy
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Re: FNBO Is Totally Awesome!

Thank You Very Much 12njoy.


And this card's first approval also just happens to be the only app so far for this current year 2017.


Been putting a whole lot of distance since then for good chances once summer finally kicks in.

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