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FNBO MLife Approved

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Re: FNBO MLife Approved

@dance530 wrote:
What were your data points, if you don’t mind me asking? I get mail “Invite to Apply” mail from them all the time but have been ignoring them because I have a few baddies.

Don't be afraid to apply u might be surprised  my DP they use EX BankCard 09 mine is 760 a few new accounts had posted one baddie on EX 17 Inqs My NRA Visa has been open almost 2 years that may have helped.

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Re: FNBO MLife Approved

Thank you for your response
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Re: FNBO MLife Approved

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Congrats BPSmiley Happy

This would be my favorite card but due to forum TOS, i cant really elaborate but good ol' @tcbofade would understandSmiley Wink

Who are you calling old???


Smiley Tongue

05/01/21 Fico 8: EX 725, EQ 753, TU 757.
05/05/21 Fico 9: EX 729, EQ 732, TU No idea.

Zero percent financing is where the devil lives...

Firmly in the garden since 13 February, 2021 until whatever comes next. Smiley Happy
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