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FNBO Platinum Edition Visa Approved

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Re: FNBO Platinum Edition Visa Approved

Congrats Baller! ...nice approvalSmiley Very Happy

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Re: FNBO Platinum Edition Visa Approved

@UncleB wrote:

@baller4life wrote:
That's so weird Magic cause your post made me call in to make sure it wasn't a verification issue. The lady put me on hold and said no. I was in the UW que to be reviewed. And they STILL called on day 11 to verify me! 😩

Citi did this to me as well with my Diamond Preferred application... after waiting two weeks I called them to check status, only to be told they were still working on things.  Then two days later I got an email telling me to call them or my application would no longer be considered.  (What?)


It was confusing for sure, but like in your case with FNBO it turned out OK in the end.  I'll definitely think twice before apping for another Citi card (or a FNBO card), though.  Too much drama for me!  Smiley Surprised

Yeah I don't know that I will be running to app another FNBO card. 😩

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Re: FNBO Platinum Edition Visa Approved

@LiLCeeZ wrote:

How many wallets do you carry to hold all of them cards of yoursSmiley Very Happy  

I have 2. One I carry with the few cards I am currently using. And another larger one with the majority of them that I keep in a safe!

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