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Fidelity Rewards 2% Visa (Elan Financial)

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Re: Fidelity Rewards 2% Visa (Elan Financial)

Congratulations on the approval! 😁

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Re: Fidelity Rewards 2% Visa (Elan Financial)

Congratulations on your approval! ...

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Re: Fidelity Rewards 2% Visa (Elan Financial)

@pete19103 wrote:

    I have been getting pre-approvals for the last few months to apply for the Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature 2% card(it’s only 2% when transferred to certain Fidelity accounts; otherwise 1.5% I believe) from Elan Financials and finally decided to go for it a couple days before my pre-approval expired March 31.  $150 SUB, 0% purchase and BT for 12 months.


    FICO Exp Bankcard 9 score of 775, 15% utilization, AOA 3 years 4 months.  Most recent spree: 2 cards 11 months ago, 1 card exactly 1 year ago and another 13 months ago. 21 cards total, highest limit $17K from Discover and total CL of $125K   I just read today that Elan is part of US Bank which would have given me some serious second thoughts; US Bank had rejected me a couple years ago simply because I had gotten 2 new cards about 8 months before applying; told me to wait 6 months and re-apply. That is my only card rejection within the last several years.  I do have a couple Fidelity accounts which I have had for at least 20 years but with only about $500 total in them; no current(or previous) Elan Financial cards at all.

    I felt pretty good about my chances (I didn’t know about the US Bank affiliation at that time) and figured I would get one of those “we are reviewing your application” messages and ultimately get approved for maybe a $5K SL max.   Instead, imagine my shock when I got an instant approval for $18K.  This becomes my highest limit card; I still can’t believe it.

$18K SL is absolutely fantastic!!! Congratulations!!! 🥳🥳🥳

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