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Finally! Discover CLI after 2 years

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Re: Finally! Discover CLI after 2 years

Congrats on your CLI!!  But...two years...a drop in the bucket!  Took me 6 years to get a CLI on my 1st Discover.  In my book you're one of the lucky onesSmiley Very Happy

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Re: Finally! Discover CLI after 2 years

@kickhard88 wrote:

first discover will be three years in february just hit the luv button no soup guess i'll try again in january i stop taking cash advances so see if that helps any

Let's hope that the result will be that they open their purse and give you a CLI. Keep us posted. Best wishes!

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Re: Finally! Discover CLI after 2 years

@SweetCreditObsession wrote:

I got approved for my a second Disco card a couple of years ago. I've primarily used it for balance transfers and have not been able to get a CLI. 


I requested the increase and was surprised to see that they approved it! It was 2.5K, which isn't a lot to some, but it felt like a million given the fact that this card has NOT increased since I got it.

Congrats on your Disco CLI!!! 👍


A second Disco would be nice took

!!!!4 YEARS!!!! to get my secured card($200) SELF-CLI=$300, SELF-CLI=$500....4 years later UNSECURED $700! 🤦‍♂️🤣 


...recent(2022) CLI request ($700)=$2200 Hard to read Ms. Disco🤷‍♂️ 

Congrats, again!! 👍




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