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Finally I am in with American Express and 2 card approved!!!!

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Re: Finally I am in with American Express and 2 card approved!!!!

@BLiNK3246 wrote:

Hey I had a question, so about the Amex Hilton Honors Surpass card I got approved for $1,000 but to get the 100k honors points I need to spend $3k in 3 months, this is much harder to do with a limit of only $1k because putting all my bills on this card its challenging to pay off $1,000 per month rather than at least having a 3k limit where I have the freedom to carry a balance as long as I pay bills and stuff I would normally purchase and be able to hit the $3k in 3 months.


My question is does anyone know of a Recon Number or any Amex number that specifically help people in this situation where basically I am asking to a credit limit increase for this situation?


Also this card gets to me tomorrow.

I asked for a CLI on BCE 5 weeks after getting the card and was bumped from 1k to 3k.  You could possibly ask for the increase as soon as you get the card.  I got the SPG 2 months later and got a 1k starting limit and tried a CLI the day I got the card and was denied due them only allowing one CLI per 6 months. Evidently they group all your cards together.  

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Re: Finally I am in with American Express and 2 card approved!!!!

I wonder if it will affect me if I ask for a CLI on the amex hilton card that only has 1k on it , lets say I get denied does that ruin the time frame of 61 days for both amex cards I have which were opened on the same day? 


A part of me would like to just wait the 61 days before asking a CLI only on the Amex hilton card because that is the card I am aiming to get my sign up bonus from.

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