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Finally a cap one CLI!

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Finally a cap one CLI!

Finally! So, after a year of rebuilding I left the garden last spring and went on a mini spree. I got a Cap One QS1, Discover IT, Virginia Credit Union, Bank of America, Lowes, and Chase Freedom card. I have been trying to get a CLI on my Capital one limit since the 3 month mark and they finally raised me from $1100 to $3100 today! 



Discover IT - $4,000($1,800 SL)

Capital One - $3100($,1100 SL)

Chase - $2,000($1,000 SL)

VACU - $1,000 (no change from SL)

BofA - $1,000 ( no change)

Lowes - $17,000 ( $300 SL)

Amazon - $5,000 ($1,600 SL)

Barclays Apple - $2,000 (no chage from SL)

Barclays Apple - $4,900 (Authorized User)

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Re: Finally a cap one CLI!

Congrats! Cap 1 can be stingy at best lol.

Gardening til March 2020!
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Re: Finally a cap one CLI!

Congrats on your CLI. 


EQ 669, TU 679, EX 679. Navy Signature Go Rewards 15K, Navy Signature Cash Rewards 16K, Navy AX Rewards 14.4K, Navy CLOC 15K, Navy Mortgage 120K, Navy ATV Loan 14,990K, FLCU Auto 48.7K, FLCU Visa 7.5K, FLCU Visa 1K, AFCU 5K, AFCU Line of Credit 4K, John Deere 15K, Suncoast TB Rays Cash Rewards 6K, Cap1 QS 5K, USAA Rate Advantage 5K, USAA AX Card 9K, State Farm Rewards 2.5K, Paypal Credit 2.8K, Cabela's 2K, Chevron & Texaco Visa 6K, BMO Harris Bank 1.5K, BOA Bass Pro 1.5K, 5/3 Stand up to cancer 4.5K, 5/3 Truly Simple 4K, 5/3 Trio 4K, Amazon Store Card 5K, Lowes 17K, TBFCU 5K, BBT Spectrum 4.5K, BBT Bright 3.5K, BBT Bright 4.5K, Banco Do Brasil Americas 4.2K, Kays Jewerly 2K, AX Green Charge, AX Delta Gold 1K, Morgan Auto Group 1.6K, Kohls 700.
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Re: Finally a cap one CLI!

Thats a really nice jump for Cap OneSmiley Happy

I dont think you need to be an AU on that other Barclays anymoreSmiley Wink
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Re: Finally a cap one CLI!



Some data points would be awesome, like:


  1. FICO8 at account approval
  2. FICO8 at CLI approval
  3. Usage over time
  4. etc


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Re: Finally a cap one CLI!

I’ll give you estimates because I do t remember the at the regular approval score, but it was around 640. Now it’s at 710.

As far as usage I do use my cap one quite often at places that don’t take discover, however with the chase Apple Pay deal I have used the cap one at all this month. But typically about 600-700 a month goes on there and then paid in full
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