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Finally got my Apple Card approval

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Finally got my Apple Card approval

After waiting and waiting for it to show up in my wallet , early this morning it finally did . I signed up about 2 weeks ago I think . 8k approval, Tran hard pull, score is at 730 from a slew of new accounts reporting. Seamless easy process . Now I can stop hitting my wallet app button obsessively lol . 💸
Experian 718
Equifax 716
Transunion 708

412K total credit lines. 64k income .
Credit unions: Member of NFCU, Penfed, BECU, Alliant, Mountain America, and Unify. Credit cards with all except mountain America and unify. Waiting until some inquiries fall off.

Starting paying attention to credit in 2017.
No negative or baddies .
AAOA just at 2 years.
Utilization 5%

No mortgage , no car payment .

Inquiries: Experian- 56- Equifax -38- Transunion-32
More than half on all 3 bureaus falling off this year.

Cards I want to get for one reason or another: Sephora- Carter’s- key bank-starbucks- boa Alaska and I’m sure many more that I have not thought about.??‍♀️

Geo restricted from fifth/third, bbva and all the other banks that give out cards like candy. ?

Idaho resident. ?

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Re: Finally got my Apple Card approval

Congrats on your Apple Card approval!

UNpopular opinions have served me well and will offer that which has worked for me.
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Re: Finally got my Apple Card approval

im still waiting congrats !


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Re: Finally got my Apple Card approval

CONGRATS on your Apple Card approval and Welcome Aboard the Apple Card EXPRESS !!! 

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Re: Finally got my Apple Card approval

LOL!  Congrats!

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