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Finally got the 3x CLI from AmEx

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Finally got the 3x CLI from AmEx

So I have 5 AmEx cards (1 AU and 1 charge (Platinum)).. my 3 revolvers have measly limits. Cash has $600, Delta Blue $1000 and Delta Platinum $7000 (ok, not measly). But I've had these cards for almost 3 years and use them quite alot esp the Delta cards since I travel often and Delta is my preferred airline. The only CLI I had between my cards was 6 months ago for my Delta Platinum which took my cl of $4500 to $7000. I was not sure then I'd get a CLI so I didn't bother for a 3x CLI. Now that another 6 months has passed... gave it another try. Boom! Delta Platinum up to $21,000. So happy! 


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AmEx Platinum NPSL l BoA Cash Rewards $45,000 l CapOne Quicksilver $24,000 l AmEx Blue Cash $17,000 l Citi Prestige $15,500 l AmEx Platinum Delta $11,000 l AmEx Cash Magnet $10,500 l CapOne Savor $11,000 l Citi Simplicity $10,300 l Amazon Store Card $10,000 l Discover IT $9,500 l Discover IT $7,000 l Chase Sapphire Preferred $7,000 l Chase Freedom Unlimited $6,000 l Chase Marriott Bonvoy $5,000 l Mercurycard $5,400 l Chase Amazon $4,000 l Citi Double Cash $5,000

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Re: Finally got the 3x CLI from AmEx

Congrats on the CLI. Good to know they do the 3XCLI when you are well into the account age.

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Re: Finally got the 3x CLI from AmEx

Congratulations on your 3x CLI!

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