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Firestone CLI

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Firestone CLI

I've been a roll with Approvals so I figured I'd ask on my Firestone card since I am about to purchase some new tires for my new car.  I ran about $900 through the card over the last 6 months on some work I had done to my old car.  She indicated the CLI request was a SP so I went for it and they bumped it to $1200 from $1000.  Ill take anything on a SP!

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Re: Firestone CLI

Congratulations on your CLI Smiley Happy

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Re: Firestone CLI

My Firestone card started at $600, after 6 months it went to $1200 then after a year went to $2000 and they would not increase it after that no matter what my scores or income (both greatly increased). I ended up closing it last year because of the low limit and every time I go in for a quoted special it ends up being twice as much (I call that the the Jiffy Lube effect).  Actually I no longer needed it as I have much better cards now and I use Sams Club for tires (better selection, better prices) which offers zero percent financing on most larger sales too. 


It was a useful card, I don't think I ever paid a penny of interest over the 3+ years I had the card between extended financing and paying in full for smaler sales. .

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Re: Firestone CLI

Congrats on the increase!

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Re: Firestone CLI


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Re: Firestone CLI

I just recetly closed mine, for no apprent reason they lowered mine from 2000 to 1800? My credit has been on the rise, I did't want to worry about them continuming to lower my credit.

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Re: Firestone CLI


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