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First 4 digit Discover CLI! UPDATE - Make that SECOND 4 digit CLI!

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Re: First 4 digit Discover CLI!

Congrats to you !!!

BK13 Filed 7/10-DC 8/15 // Fico 8's TU 776/ EQ 774/ EX 767 10/18// AAoA 3.9 years // Lines 8/2018= 510K // Inquiries 8 TU -11 Exp - 10 Eq.
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Re: First 4 digit Discover CLI!

Boom! Another $1,500 CLI! See update to original post ^^^^

CH 7 Filed 7/27/15 Discharged 11/16/15
Starting Score: EQ 620 TU 568 EX 593
Current Score (07/13/16): EQ 674 TU 649 EX 674 (FICO's 08)
Cap1 QS ($5350) (Combined QS and QS1) Discover It ($4100) MilStar ($8,600) Fingerhut ($800)
Off to the garden 05/01/16
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Re: First 4 digit Discover CLI! UPDATE - Make that SECOND 4 digit CLI!

kjm79 wrote:

Opened the card on March 8, 2016 with a SL of $1,800. 


Requested CLI's at 48 and 63 days. Both were a no go. Day 91, CLI of $900 ($2,700 CL). Hit the luv button again 31 days after first CLI and received the 2-day message. Log in yesterday and boom, a $1,400 CLI ($4,100 CL). What a sweet surprise! My TU is still a little on the lower side so I certainly did not expect that increase, $500 MAYBE. 


I use this card heavily in place of my debit card and I run all my monthly bills through it. I make multiple payments a month (never less than $500). Both CLI's I was carrying a balance. First time was around $100 but this second time I had a $1,200 balance (just back from vacation Smiley Happy Don't judge lol).  


Love love love this card!


UPDATED INFO: Since last CLI (72 days ago) I've had two "No's" at 32 and 49 days (I made a large payment in between these two requests) and had 2 day messages on both.  72 days after last increase I received the 2 day message again, next day I log in and see my CL was increased by $1,500!  It's still my daily driver and I had just made a $1,000 payment but left a small $250 balance on the card. In 6 months, I've been granted $3,800 worth of CL, and I'm just a month and half shy of being 1 year post BK Discharge. To sayI LOVE my Discover card is a slight understatement.  

Congrats to you, kjm79! Very awesome that Discover is treating you so well!  It's really amazing how they have opened their doors to some who have a very recent BK. My hubby was able to get in with them 1 1/2 years post BK, and he's in their good graces too! Happy for you! Smiley Happy

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