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First App Spree - New loot!

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Re: First App Spree - New loot!

Nice loot!

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Income $300,000
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Re: First App Spree - New loot!

Thanks all! I called twice to recon for the Quicksilver. The first time I called the number suggested in this thread and they gave me a bit of an attitude and refused to even look at my app (I can assure you I was very polite throughout). The second time I called the number in the backdoor thread and the rep was very nice but said an HP would be required for recon and although he could do it, he recommended I just wait for the letter and decide at that point, which I opted for.


On the bright side, I had gone for one last app with Discover IT and got a "5-10 day" message. The next day they called to verify some info and approved me for a $9,500 limit (my highest yet)! I didn't expect that at all, but with all the successes I think I have all my spending categories covered for quite awhile. I know I took a good amount of inqueries from this spree, but considering I just moved and my car lease is up in just over 2 years I figured the timing was right to take some chances since it will be at least a year before any plans that require serious credit analysis and in the long term I can now work towards a much thicker, healthier credit profile thanks to all your info.

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Re: First App Spree - New loot!

Congrats again on a most impressive spree!

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