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First CLI ever - Sam's Club/Synch

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First CLI ever - Sam's Club/Synch

A recent post on the Credit Cards board mentioned a new Synch CLI box.  Not only could I not find it but also couldn't find the other places where CLI buttons should be according to some nice posters who tried to help.  


Finally, gave in and called CS.  $500 > $3,000  BAM!  Pretty excited for that as Christmas is coming.  No idea for sure if it is a SP or HP but I only had 8 inq between all 3 reports so no biggie.


Scores in signature but for data points, I've only had the card since August and it is my only card, although a Victoria Secret card is still reporting open (we cut the card years ago).   Lots of baddies still reporting (mortgage and student loan lates, and 1 medical paid off) but nothing new in the last 4.5 years.  My auto loans are through my work CU so they are always on time!  You can see where my score was in August 2012.  I kicked it into gear and started making payments on time (duh!).  


Anyway, just wanted to celebrate my first victory.



August 2012 EQ 543
November 2016 EQ 679 EX 660 TU 664
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Re: First CLI ever - Sam's Club/Synch

Congrats! It's a SP from Sync..Double Congrats on the score growths!


Fico 8 starting scores 09/27/15 EQ: 646 TU: 622 EX: 668 5 collections 1 PR reporting across the board
Scores 06/30/16 EQ: 685 TU: 699 EX: 695 1 collection now reporting on EQ and EX and 1 PR on EQ
Current scores 11/4/2016 EQ 688 TU: 705 EX: 736 No collections no PR/Judgements Finally Clean
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Re: First CLI ever - Sam's Club/Synch

Congratulations on your first victory, and a very nice one at that! Smiley Happy

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Re: First CLI ever - Sam's Club/Synch

Congrats on your first CLI! More to come...

Starting Score: EX:570, 8/2011
EX08:850; EQ08:850,
Inqs(12 mo): EX/0, EQ/0, TU/0
Goal Scores: 800+
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Re: First CLI ever - Sam's Club/Synch

GratsSmiley Happy a victory with Sync is like landing on the moonSmiley Happy
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