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First post - three card approvals

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First post - three card approvals

Ahhhhhh what can I say turning 30 and realizing your 20s were fun but not financially smart! Tune in for the long story!

I have have many ups and downs from having two incomes down to one teacher income to support a family of four, medical bills, collections, etc. well I finally decided to grow up and get things back on track. Back in August ‘17 i have 9 accounts in collections (4 medical bills) a current auto loan current student loans (getting my EdS) and no credit cards and really not much extra cash on hand so I apply for a secured discover it card ($200) and get approved fast forward to January 1 ‘18 and a 40pt increase I applied and was approved for in this order Total visa ($300) Credit one platinum ($400) and capital one platinum ($300). I just recently stumbled across this forum and have learned so much ALL advice is welcome on ways to continue to rebuild and just as an FYI my collections are from payday loans (the struggle was real about two years ago and and old Fingerhut Ashley Stewart and torrid account all about the same age) that I am only now able to start paying on
03/18 TU 634 EX 621 EQ
1st Goal by 05/18 650s across the board
Cap 1 plat $400/total visa $300/ credit one $600/discover IT $2k
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Re: First post - three card approvals

Welcome Smiley Happy

Congrats on getting things back on track Smiley Happy

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Re: First post - three card approvals

Congrats! Welcome to the forum. I’ve been there too. It’s so awesome when you can see the light at the end of thtunnel and be able to touch it. If you can, try to stay away from an over abundance of store cards as you progress. 

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Re: First post - three card approvals

Congrats on pulling it back together.  Sometimes, you just have to grin and bear it.  

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Re: First post - three card approvals


Might want to try for a little more rebuilding.. Congrats on the cards.. Definitely visit the rebuilder forums on here.. (also id already be making plans for when you want to try to be rid of the two predatory cards in your hand... (Total and Credit One) BTW try Googling the HIPAA method .. Cant discuss that on here but might help with the medical collections....





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Re: First post - three card approvals

You sound like me 18 months ago. Lots of baddies, and just getting to the business of getting some positive information on your books. The advice given above was correct. I'd use those two preditory cards for a year tops, and I would make 100 percent sure you pay them off the day you use them. Use them literally once a month. Use one for a pack of gum and one for a candybar. While they are good to have in terms of building positive tradelines, those companies only exist by preying on people at the very beginning of their credit rebuild, and their finance charges and interest rates prove it. Had you been on this board sooner you'd have been steered away from them. Use the Cap1 and run as much money as you can through it so long as you can PIF monthly. Cap1 may not be the best company, but they will give you big credit limits on other cards later in life if you treat them right. For a lot of us, that Cap1 Platinum was our first step.


Your next move is to basically live on the rebuild section of this forum. I was there daily for nine months. Attack your baddies and be patient. It's gonna take some time and some you might get removed through a varying number of ways, and some you're just gonna be stuck with. One baddie of mine took nine tries to remove! But there are options. Settlements, goodwill letters, ect. These are all things you can learn about on those boards.


Good move on the Discover It, even if you had to get the secured version. It has a cashback feature that Discover will double in your first year. Plus this a card that you'll actually want in you wallet for a good long time. 


Good luck!



Started on July 4th, 2016 with 400's FAKO scores, no FICO, a dozen baddies and no credit of any kind.

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AmEx Starwood Preferred Guest: $2,000
Citi Double Cash: $1,500
AmEx Hilton Honors: $1,000
Discover It: $600
Capital One Platinum: $500

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