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First unsecured approval!

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First unsecured approval!

Got my first unsecured approval! Walmart cl $600, so I now have 2 secured and walmart the new car loan from 2 weeks ago. Ill garden for a bit... Hope to app in summer for better cards.

Eq 675
TU 681
Ex your guess is as goodas mine!

Nfcu Cash Rewards 15000, Nfcu nRewards Mc 15000, Walmart 600, Target 400, VS 650,Capital one 3750, Us Bank 300, Discover 4500,Citi DP 1500, Chase Freedom 2000. And I'm done...... no more cards just going to tend my garden
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Re: First unsecured approval!

Congrats on your new unsecured card! 


Good idea to garden for a bit - probably you should give it, at least, 6 months to allow you new TLs and inquiries to age.

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Re: First unsecured approval!

Congrats.  Don't forget to sign up for your free monthly walmart fico score and ask for a CLI at 4 months if you don't get an auto.

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Re: First unsecured approval!

Congrats! I hear the GE bked cards grow nicely.

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Re: First unsecured approval!

Congrats on your approval and i know how that felt when i got approved for my first not too long ago!....Smiley Happy

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