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First unsecured cards

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Re: First unsecured cards

Congrats on a tidy little Haul!!!  Just in time for the Holidays right?! Smiley Happy

USAA Rate Advantage Visa 17.5% 7K|USAA AMEX Rewards+ 5K|USAA Prefered Rewards Visa 4.5K|USAA Classic Visa 2.5K|USAA Classic AMEX 2.5K|USAA Classic MC 2K|CaptialOne QS1 4.5K|Capial One QS Visa 1K|AMEX-EDC 1K|BofA Rewards VISA 10K| BarclayCard Rewards 4K|Barclaycard Choice Rewards Visa 1.4K|Walmart Store Card 6K|Amazon Store Card 4K|Sam's Club 10K|Meriick Visa 1.2K|OverStock 2K|Hilton-AMEX 5K|AMEX BCE 16K|PENFED PRVS 9K|AMEX PRG NSPL|FICOs: EQ 688 EXP 679 TU 685
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Re: First unsecured cards

Congrats on the credit and on the new home!

Goal: 700's by 11/1/2015 (all baddies will be gone)
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Re: First unsecured cards

Thank you everybody! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: First unsecured cards

Congrats and especially for being smart about it and opening cards that you will actually use regularly! 

11/2017: EX 704 | TU 720 | EQ 672 -- Starting (2/2016): 630 | 620 | 580 -- INQs: 17 | 26 | 28 (last 6 months: 5 | 2 | 6)
AMEX Delta: $10k, Marvel: $8k, Discover IT: $7.2k, AMEX BCE: $6k, Target MC: $5k, PayPal 2%: $8k, CO QS: $2.6k, Merrick: $1.6k, Barclay's NFL Rewards: $1k, CO BuyPower: $500. And a mix of well-loved store cards.
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Re: First unsecured cards

@dariv wrote:

I wondered if that was why I was denied the second Cap1....

I hope it wasn't a second hard pul?


If I'm not mistaken Cap1 now changed their approval policy I think it's one approval every 30 days. There's some threads on here about denying 2nd apps instantly. Watch your letter from them, that may be the denial, not your scores or anyhting. But you did grab the right one first gain the rewards

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Current scores 11/4/2016 EQ 688 TU: 705 EX: 736 No collections no PR/Judgements Finally Clean
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