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From credit line decrease 2 weeks ago to credit line INCREASE yesterday!

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From credit line decrease 2 weeks ago to credit line INCREASE yesterday!

Interesting situation.....


I logged on to my Amazon store account 2 weeks ago to find that they had decreased my limit by over $300. The card was nearly maxed out and I have been trying to pay it down and finally got a little breathing room then all of a sudden i see that they decreased it leaving me with only $66 left on my available balance. :{  Sure enough I got a letter 2 days later in the mail stating that based on a review of my credit report that they decided to decrease my balance. Smiley Sad  When I looked at the letter they were using a credit report dated from September (over 2 months ago!) and the decrease and letter was dated as of November 12th! I had a negative reporting from a Nordstrom card that should not have been reported late (long story) and was in a car accident where my car was totaled so the car loan was paid off and then it took me a month to get another car so the reasons for the credit decrease was from: negative reporting on account, no installment loan, balance on cards too high, too many inquiries (i have only 3 on same day for the new car loan).


The negative reporting from Nordstroms was corrected weeks after it reported and since my September report - my credit cards have been paid down slowly little by little and i got another car loan and my score shot up a bit. The score on the letter they sent me stated it was 623 in September and the FICO score on my Amazon account stated it was 703 which is much higher than the scores I have on credit karma, credit sesame which sit around 668, 678.


So I researched and read that i could call and ask to have them reinstate the original credit line but then read more about getting a credit line increase and thought "What the heck! Why even address the decrease and just go straight to asking for an increase!" knowing that my score is much higher than the 623 they pulled from 2 months ago. So I called the backdoor # and asked for an increase (asked for $7000) and waited 2 minutes and voila! - approved! from current line of $2260 to increase to $3500 on my Amazon card! Smiley Happy Asked if they could do a review of my Toys R us card and they transferred me to another department and asked if they could match the amount on my Amazon Card to $3500 (original credit line was $1800) and voila! APPROVED to $2500! Smiley Happy They said they would send me a letter stating why they couldnt give me the original amount I requested but this was the FIRST time since I had both of the cards for the last 2.5 years that I was able to get a CLI from calling! Smiley Happy So thankful for this forum!


Question is.... How long do I have to wait before I can call back and ask for another increase? I read to shoot high with synchrony when asking for increases and that Amazon Store usually goes in increments of $3500 to $6,000 then higher after you hit the $6k mark. Should I wait a month before trying again or longer?


Also is there a thread on here that outlines which cards do soft pulls and which ones do a hard pull and how long you have to wait in between each request when asking for cli's?

That backdoor # is MAGIC! Smiley Happy 



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Re: From credit line decrease 2 weeks ago to credit line INCREASE yesterday!



Congrats on your CLIs.  I took the liberty of addinf a few paragraph breaks to your post to make it a bit easier to read.  

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Re: From credit line decrease 2 weeks ago to credit line INCREASE yesterday!

Big grats on your increasesSmiley Happy

Yes Sync can jump quickly . Normally youll start seeing those 6k lines around 680-700 scores.
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Re: From credit line decrease 2 weeks ago to credit line INCREASE yesterday!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S! Charge wisely and have fun.
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