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GE Luv!!!

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Re: GE Luv!!!

masscredit wrote:

LS2982 wrote:

2ndTimeAround2012 wrote:



Were they automatic or did you request them?



You can request every 4 months after your most recent CLI.


I was approved for my Walmart card on 8/20 and JCP card on 9/22. Have been giving them some use and have dates marked to contact them every 4 months. Actually, before jointing the forum, I just let CLIs happen or maybe contact them if I needed one. Now, I'm very active in getting things to grow as quick as possible. The years to by to fast, don't have time to waste! 


For the 4 month period, should I figure 4 months after being approved or after the 4th statement cuts and then every 4 months after?  I guess the same would go for other cards too (some are 4 and some are 6).


After your 4th statement, and continuing every 4 months after that.


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Re: GE Luv!!!

Congrats LS. nice increases!

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Re: GE Luv!!!

  NiceSmiley Happy

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Re: GE Luv!!!

Did you use the auto system or call the underwriters?


CONGRATS! GE luuuveeeeeee

As of 2017, rebuilding...
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Re: GE Luv!!!

LS2982 wrote:

This is my 3rd time geting a round of increases!!


JCP: $1,500 before, $4,000 now

Old Navy: $900 before, $1,500 now

Lowes: $1,500 before, 3,500 now

Walmart: $1,500 before, 2,300 now


Yay!!! Smiley Happy


Amazon got a decline and cant manually review until I lift freeze off TU, so i'll have to wait.

Congrats to you....,

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Re: GE Luv!!!

Recon'ed Amazon denial..............




Was 2,000, now 4,000 Smiley Very Happy


Trying CareCredit....

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Re: GE Luv!!!

HP for nothing! Damnit CareCredit!!!! Smiley Mad


Is there any U/W number to get in touch with them?? Every GE account I had increased on a SP and this one cost me a HP for not a damn thing!!! FUMING right now!!

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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