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Good news from Discover, finally!

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Good news from Discover, finally!

Today, almost 14 months to the day since I opened a $200.00 Discover secured, I received the email below.  I was stunned with the limit they approved.  My score at their app went up from the 580's to 647.  Really happy about it!  Thank to the people in the forum who reccomended Discover secured to improve my credit situation, I couldnt have done without you all!


We're returning your security deposit and increasing your credit line.

Because you've shown responsible account management, you're getting your security deposit back. You should receive the check in the mail in 5-7 business days.
Moreover, we are pleased to inform you that we have increased your credit line following your responsible account management. Congratulations and thank you for being a great cardmember!
Your new credit limit is $1,500.00, and your cash line has remained unchanged.
Nothing else changes with your Discover it® chrome card. You keep the same account number and the same rewards.
If you have any questions, you can reach our U.S.-based service team any time at 1-800-_  _  _  _ _ _ _  or you can always visit us at


Discover Card Customer Service

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Re: Good news from Discover, finally!

And that's how you do it!

Accept a "starter secured" card and let it grow - give it another couple of months and you'll have several non-secured offers (please do NOT apply for Credit One), Cap-1 comes to mind but I wouldn't be surprised to see a BoA card in your near future too.


Congrats Smiley Happy


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Re: Good news from Discover, finally!

Congrats! I wish Capital One wasn't so fickle with their secured cards (still waiting for my second one to unsecure after 14 months and stuck with a low CL on my non-secured one).

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Re: Good news from Discover, finally!

That’s awesome!! Congrats!
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Re: Good news from Discover, finally!

Congrats on your graduationSmiley Happy
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Re: Good news from Discover, finally!

I think mine has unsecured as well. I haven't gotten any email yet but the credit line is now at $2000 rather than $200. And i have looked several times. I'd expect to see the email possibly as early as in the morning perhaps as i'd assume is a very automated process. My 9th statement just generated on the 10th, and the CL wasn't that amount this weekend i know that definitely.  A much, much larger unsecure cli than i anticipated by all means, but definitely going to do the discover happy dance!

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Re: Good news from Discover, finally!

Dont hold your breath on Cap1. Secured cardmember for over 6 yrs. I have 160k in available credit, few inquiries, good income, 3 or 4 yr AAoA and I have given up on Cap1 unsecuring my card. I only keep it open for some faint hope and to keep my AAoA a little higher

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Re: Good news from Discover, finally!

Congrats on become unsercured!!!

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Re: Good news from Discover, finally!

It never gets old, watching people beam with progress. Good for you!

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