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Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/

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Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/

Well I got in with AMEX finally with the BCE card. Was hoping to get one of these giant approvals I see on here. Ex FICO 8 BC is 760s. Highest limit card is chase @ 5500. 3 other cards all at $0 balance and only a $300 balance on chase. 13 year credit history. AMEX graced me with a $1000 SL. He did say to try the 3x cli before I activate. But with my income, score and credit score, i would have expected a little better SLI. Oh well, at least I'm in i guess.
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Re: Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/

Congratulations on your approval!!! Just follow the guide here and it will grow.

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Re: Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/

I like you got the 1k starting lol but I am new to credit in general so I'm not sure if that is the reason why they gave you a low SL (new to Amex side I mean for your reason since you have the 13 year back up) but I also got a 3k or 3500 I think it was SL with Chase ROFL so it just seems Amex isn't to generous if you are starting out or if you have no relationship with them but I have been told will be generous down the line....while my Chase and others tend to grow and grow my Amex has been a No to the CLI a few times (which I also was told was normal)    I don't see the big impress with them yet but I'm hoping Next Year will be my year LOL......Congrats on Joining the Fam. and *cheers* to us both LOL

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Re: Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/

Congratulations on your approval!
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Re: Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/

Congrats... !!!

Do not fret the SL.

Amex gave me a $1000 SL on my CASH MAGNET card a year ago. I was disappointed, but I was just at the start of rebuilding my relationship with them after being on the outs with them for the past 20 years... I actually got 4 new AMEX cards within the past year, and have built up a great record with AMEX during that time span.


I actually just called them today to ask a question about one of my other AMEX cards, and at the end of that conversation the Rep just came out and said I was eligable to upgrade my CASH MAGNET to the BLUE CASH PREFERRED card. He even said I could get the bonus offer of $250 if I spend $1000K in the first 3 months. I accepted the offer. I had it in my head to ask if my CL would be increased with the upgrade to teh BCP, but I didn't want to press and then have them start asking me extra income questions, so I just took the upgrade as is, and maybe they will increase anyway without me having to bring it up... lol


Guess my point is, keep your spending at high enough levels, and your account in good standing, and the offers and CL increases will come.

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Re: Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/

Congratulations on the AmEx approval!

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Re: Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/

As of right now I'll just use it for gas and groceries. I'll still use my chase sapphire preferred for going out and eating out. All of the bars here show up as restaurants so 2 points per dollar. I won't be upset with this card if I can in fact pull off the 3x cli before i activate. With a $1000 limit I'll end up paying it down multiple times a month just for the gas and groceries. Beyond annoying.

Next card I think will be either the Costco card or Sam's club card for the gas station bonus.
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Re: Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/


Congrats on yer approval!


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Re: Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/

Hey dude.

Congrats on getting your foot in the door.

Follow everyone else's suggestions and do the 3x CLI a couple times.
Before you know it, you'll be hanging out with all the other big boy CLs!

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Re: Got in with AMEX! Super low SLI :/


In a year, your limit could be $18k+ so dont swet it

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