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Growing my garden!

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Growing my garden!

My 61 days with Amex was 3/14.  I asked and was instantly approved for $30k - up from $19.8k.  


Today, I realized that I had aksed for a CLI on our Discover about the same time and thought - why not give it a go today?  Instant $3.9k increase bringing that card to $22.2.   All SP's so I can still garden while getting my credit fix in!   LOL


Thanks for all the great info and insights.  No one in my family talks about finances. I learned sme through life lessons and a lot more here on these forums.


Scores below although DH's Fico on Discover is 762.  

Over all UTIL reporting as 9%.  Have paid down to 8% but that isnt showing yet.




6/5/18 EQ-775, TU-778, EX-771
Last HP - 2/27/18 - Gardening as long as possible
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Re: Growing my garden!

Congrats Myrwyn on your very impressive CLIs. You're right, so much info and insights on this forum to assist everyone with their credit -- from amateurs to advanced to experts. I absolutely love everything I've learned and used on here.


And the best part of your quote: All SPs so I can still garden while getting my credit fix in! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Growing my garden!

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