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HSBC Instant Approval

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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HSBC Instant Approval

Hi all,it's been awhile since I posted but I still read these boards often. So a few 

day's ago I was reading about an HSBC instant approval and it felt like something

I would want to try and get. Yes I have read the horror stories about verifying your 

idenity and the long process,but I just had a feeling it would workout. Started the app,

got to the You Bet Your Life Questions and knew I nailed them all. Including what 

card I opened in June of 2017 etc etc. Filled out the rest and hit the let's do it button.

Was like a percentage completion process,40% complete,70% complete. Finally said 

application done and voila


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Re: HSBC Instant Approval

Congrats on your instant approval and decent SL

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Re: HSBC Instant Approval

I forgot to add the data points,pulled Equifax,My stats

Equifax Fico8 743

37 tradelines

330K in total credit

67K reported income

6% dti


24 hps on Eq

AAOA 16 months

Aooa 13 years

Many new hps

They dont seem to be sensite to credit seeking

as I have added alot recently.

Hope this helps someone

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Re: HSBC Instant Approval

Interesting....your starting limit was higher than mine, but so was your APR.




TU fico08=824 12/29/19
EX fico08=819 01/14/20
EQ fico08=830 01/04/20
EX fico09=827 01/04/20
EQ fico bankcard08=846 12/24/19
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Re: HSBC Instant Approval

This is one of my wishlist cards.


Congrats ! ! !

Your FICO credit scores are not just numbers, it’s a skill.

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Re: HSBC Instant Approval

A nice SL, congrats Smiley Happy
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Re: HSBC Instant Approval

Congrats on the approval!  That's a really nice SL to boot!


UNpopular opinions have served me well and will offer that which has worked for me.
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Re: HSBC Instant Approval

@Sarge12 it was your story I read,so Thank You so much for sharing it.

Sharing is Caring :-)

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Re: HSBC Instant Approval

CongratsSmiley Happy thats a rare insta approvalSmiley Wink
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Re: HSBC Instant Approval

Congrats both on the instant approval and for what for HSBC is a quite generous SL.


They are in fact a reliable puller from EQ and I would agree with you that they are not particularly sensitive to inquiries or new accounts.

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FICO 9 (EX) 822 (TU) 827 (EQ) 844

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