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HSBC Rewards MC CLI $10k ----->> $25k

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Re: HSBC Rewards MC CLI $10k ----->> $25k

Congratulations on your CLI!
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Re: HSBC Rewards MC CLI $10k ----->> $25k

@itduzz wrote:

Congratulations. Did yo had any relationship with HSBC when you got approved for the CC?


I didn't have any relationship at all.  Also, I had applied several months ago with a approved offer, but they requested proof of address and since I was in the process of moving I didn't comply.  When I applied again it was instant approval.


Since approval and time of CLI, however, I did open a checking and savings account and moved a considerable balance over into savings.  Not at all sure if that helped or not.


In addition, not sure if they have internal records to reflect this, but I was a long-term HSBC credit card customer up until the time when they decided to exit the CC business many years ago.

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