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HSBC cash rewards equifax fico scores

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Re: HSBC cash rewards equifax fico scores

December will be two years when I got the HSBC Cash Rewards cards. Started out at somewhere around $1k. Right now it's at $7250. Hitting the luv button on their site has gotten me CLI without a HP. The big three credit bureaus are always on ice, along with about a half a dozen or so of lesser known credit bureaus when I get a CLI. The CLI is instant everytime. I purchse paper reports about every 3 to 4 months because I'm vigilant like a hawk on my credit reports. Except for when I took a HP for the application of the card, I've not had one HP for CLI on the card show up on any reports.

I push my payments to them, never pull. Their website however could use a major revamp IMO. It can be a bit wonky to navigate until you get used to it.

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