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Have the AMEX Green Card

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Have the AMEX Green Card

I have been using my spreadsheet for a while and recently got the BCE. I have looking at the Green card for a while since I still use a lot of cash for our monthly spend. I have been using the BCE for groceries and gas and just paid it yesterday. I plan on putting non category stuff on the charge card. After a year of using credit cards again, I am OK not having the latest rewards card or the Platinum AMEX(not spend level) . This will compliment our household spend nicely. We just spent about 3K on house and car insurance for the year and DW writes a check. without MF, I wouldnt have even looked at credit and charge cards again. Let me run, not walk back to the garden. Save some BBQ for me and I like my coffee hot or cold. Let my CL's simmer and ferment to make a good brew of lines.Smiley Happy

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Re: Have the AMEX Green Card

Congratulations on your AMEX Green Card!!

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Re: Have the AMEX Green Card

Thanks, its been a long time waiting. I plan to run my non catagory spend through here since I SD my QS a few months ago. Not really worried about points and bonuses right now. My BCE and Disco got me there.

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Re: Have the AMEX Green Card

Yeah great pickup. If you were gonna pay things in full in cash each month might as well gets something for it. Plus itll probably help your internal score with AmexSmiley Happy
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Re: Have the AMEX Green Card

yes SirreySmiley Happy If we spend cash might as well help my credit profile;thats for sure. it will help my monthly spreadsheet for our budget.

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Re: Have the AMEX Green Card

Messed up my Green card a couple years ago and recently got back in with the Optima. Congrats on your green card!

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Re: Have the AMEX Green Card

Thanks Am4444. Things will get better and it's good the Optima is still around.
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Re: Have the AMEX Green Card

Congrats on your approval!!

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