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Hawaiian Airlines MC

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Hawaiian Airlines MC

I applied for the Hawaiian Airlines MC on July 3rd and got the message that they needed more time to process the app. I checked the status and it said they could not approve me for the card. A week later I got the same letter I've seen several people say they got, which is asking for a copy of my SS card, drivers license, and current utility bill.


I sent the info they requested and it was delivered July 15th (USPS Priority Mail tracking). I waited a week and called their security dept because by this time I am getting letters every two days from Barclays requesting this same info! They said wait a few more days and call back. I spoke to a very nice rep who simply had to call me back on the number I had used on the app and then she told me I was approved for 12K. It's on the lower end compared to my other cards but will work just fine for what I'm going to use the card for.


Such a weird process and I'm not kidding, I received at least 10 letters in this time span from app to approval. This is also my first Barclays card.


The rep did mention they need front AND back of the SS card and drivers license when you send the copies in and put your application ID on the papers.


Data points:

TU HP (750 FICO 8)

28 inq (6 last 6 months including this one)

AAoA 2.9 yrs

Lots of new accounts over the last 6-12 months

50K miles after 1K spend in 90 days


Scores 01/04/2017: EQ 719, TU 750, EX 716
Goal scores: 740 across the board
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Re: Hawaiian Airlines MC


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Re: Hawaiian Airlines MC

Congratulations on your new CL!

Daily Drivers: Penfed Platinum Rewards; NFCU GoRewards; Discover..
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Re: Hawaiian Airlines MC

MATTmyfico says BIG GRATS on your new importSmiley Wink
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