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Hello There CSP!!!

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Hello There CSP!!!

I have been in rebuild mode for the past year. My wife and I have been advancing in our careers and with a house finally a possibilty we started working on our credit. About a year and a half ago I had a 580 FICO. Lots of hits for missed student loan payments, With the help of people here I have been building up on cards ever so slowly. My wife who had the same issues as me got approved for Cap1 QS @ 10k. I paid off some student loans and my score took a hit. I was worried that the next few loans I pay off would do the same so I decided to apply for the CSP before paying anything else off. I applied and was given the 7-10 day message. Three days later I got a letter in the mail asking me to verify some info. I called them up and a few minutes later.......


Approved for 21k CSP!!!!! 


Just about doubled my available credit with that one card. I was anticipating 5-10k. This was so unexpected. Love this forum and all the help it has provided!!!

EX08 749 EQ08 735 TU08 746 Total Credit Line: $49,100Utilization: 8%Inquiries: EQ2 EX2 TU2
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Re: Hello There CSP!!!

Thats amazingSmiley Happy. Looks like Chase likes youSmiley Happy Enjoy.
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Re: Hello There CSP!!!

Amazing! Congratulations on the approval!!!

Can you please provide some data points, such as AAoA, if you're over 5/24 etc?
2/12/17 Scores: EQ 661 TU 700 EX 684 Cards: AMEX PRG NFCU Signature Flagship Rewards $7k NFCU Cash Rewards $15k AMEX ED 10k Chase Amazon Prime Signature $2k AMEX BCE $1.4k Discover IT $1.7k Cap 1 Secured $500 Store Cards: Amazon $6k Google $4k Walmart $6k JCREW $4.2K Express $500 NYC $900 Loft $500 Victoria's Secret $550
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Re: Hello There CSP!!!

That is an incredible starting credit line! Now go update that signature (unless you only had $3k available before this app) Smiley Happy

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TU Score 8- 748 (as of 5/5/17)
EQ Score 5- 732 (as of 4/4/17)
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Re: Hello There CSP!!!

My AAoA is 93 month per myfico so 7yrs 9 months. Definately not over 5/24

EX08 749 EQ08 735 TU08 746 Total Credit Line: $49,100Utilization: 8%Inquiries: EQ2 EX2 TU2
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Re: Hello There CSP!!!

Congrats, ram, on a very nice approval - $21K is huge! Kudos to both you and your wife on an awesome rebuild, and for being able to tackle some of your student loan debt. Careers are taking shape, and prospects of a new home are in the horizon. So happy for you both! May your successes be plentiful! Smiley Happy

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Re: Hello There CSP!!!

Congratulations on the nice approval!!

NFCU $60.4k/PenFed $22.5k/Commerce $15K/53 $11K/Synovus $14K/BBT $11K/CapOne $12K/DCU $7.5K/BMO $7.5K/Chase $14.5k/Cabelas $10K/ and many many more!
Total CL $398600, plus car and RV loan.
Ooh. Ooh. Getting closer to that $500K mark!
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Re: Hello There CSP!!!

Congratulations and welcome to the CSP family!!


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Capital One Spark Business Visa // BP Business Solutions MC
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Re: Hello There CSP!!!

Good for you!  Love my CSP!

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Re: Hello There CSP!!!

Congrats man! Working my way to joining this club soon! 

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