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Helped Co-worker get some cards

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Helped Co-worker get some cards

I've helped a few co-workers get cards because of this site but one particular co-worker asked for help yesterday.  She was looking for a travel card and a BT card, she wanted a travel card that would give her the highest starting limit so told her to apply for Venture and based on her scores (mid 700's fico 8 and low to mid 700's for the mortgage scores) with 110k/yr income they approved her for a 30k SL (she pays on a mortgage and has 4500 balance on 22k limit CC's) I then told her to immediately app for QS as I thought she'd get approved for at least 10k, it gave the "unfortunately" response but didn't say she's declined.  She also apped for Citi simplicity card for a $5800 CL.


Last week I helped another co-worker get a Venture card as well for $15k SL then she app'd for the V1 right after and got same response, she received in the mail the letter that states the only reson for denial is "multiple apps in a day".


When the 30k SL co-worker called into CS today they told her the same thing and said to re-apply after 30 days, has Cap 1 changed their approvals for multiple apps in a day and only approves 1 and auto kicks the other out?  Are they looking for another HP down the road to approve said person?


Doesn't make sense to approve someone with excellent credit 30k and deny on the other card- any help would be beneficial


PS... Co-worker with 15K SL just received call from EO (told her to send email to them for recon) and she missed the call.

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Re: Helped Co-worker get some cards

Congrats to your co-worker!!

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Re: Helped Co-worker get some cards


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Re: Helped Co-worker get some cards

Nice helping your coworker!

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