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Hilton Honors AMEX approved

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Hilton Honors AMEX approved

I have some upcoming business travel and it looks like I will be staying at a Hilton property. I currently have a business SPG card as well as a Chase Priority Club card and I had received an email from Hilton with a 50,000 point bonus for $750 spend in three months. Sure, nice opportunity to grab the points and make the spend at a Hilton to get 6x points for the stay as well. 


I applied on Monday morning and got the dreaded we will notify you in 10-12 business days message. FIgures, I got the business SPG just last month, I might be pushing it. Checked the app status page all day Monday and it was pending. Received an email yesterday (Tuesday) morning telling me I was approved. Today (Wednesday) I received the card... sweet. All done from start to finish with card in hand in 3 days? Thank you AMEX. 


Nice part is it's a $17,700 limit. Largest non charge card limit from AMEX so far. And I was worried I had asked for too much in the past few months. Other personal limit is $6,000 on a Delta Platinum. This is my 6th card from AMEX in 8 months - 3 personal and 3 business. Time to chill for a while. 


The pulled Experian of course. I have 15 inquiries (including this one) on Experian in the past 12 months. My TU from this site is 720, my EQ from this site is 740, both scores 10 days old. Utilization is who knows what, I use my cards heavy and either pay off before or after it posts depending on if I notice. Honestly I never pay attention as long as I pay when it posts. I always PIF. 

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Re: Hilton Honors AMEX approved


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Re: Hilton Honors AMEX approved

Wow, that's quite a limit. Congrats!  I got the Surpass card in the last week and I'm looking forward to using the points.

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Re: Hilton Honors AMEX approved

Congrats on the approval and outstanding limit!

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Re: Hilton Honors AMEX approved

Nice CL! Congrats. Smiley Happy

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