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Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!

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Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!

I woke up Saturday to my NRewards generating an automatic CLI to $500(from $200). Yay! Unexpected, but based on DPs posted by users, I felt like I had a 50/50 chance.


I then took a gamble and applied for the More Rewards around 4:20am. Read that your approvals get processed a bit faster and you're more likely to get an approval after 10pm. And since my 5 yr old woke up screaming after a bad dream, I was already awake, so...🤣🤣


I apply on the app, get the 24-48 hour message and I'm like....well, if I get it, I get it. If not, I'll try again in April. No biggie. I get a text alert at like 4:50-ish. It didn't say anything initially(no decision information), so I then go and check my email and literally GASPED/almost teared up. This is THE highest SL I've EVER had. And considering my BK, I honestly didn't expect anything like this. Not THIS soon.



The info on this forum has been invaluable in my rebuild. I didn't join right away, but I've lurked from before my BK discharge in August 2019. The DPs listed have been SO helpful. Now, I'm going to garden. I said that before but it's official official now. 


NFCU rocks!


DPs: TU is currently 631(Ex is 664, Eq 655). I'm 15 months post-BK discharge, and my first NFCU card was opened September 2020. I opened my saving and checking accounts in June 2020, and they're my primary accounts. I hit my 91/3 on 12/4, but the first increase showed on my account 12/5. It was also listed on my 12/4 statement.


Aggregate usage amongst cards under 20%. Shorter limit cards higher(like Indigo, which I'm closing TODAY), but I typically PIF by the end of the month with all except one. One card has a regular balance( my CO Quicksilver, which had my highest CL prior to my approval).


Positive payment history since BK. AAoC is around 10.5 years(student loans are like 19 years). AAoA 8 years. DTI: 3%. Oldest card around 15 months. Steady, consistent employment for 10 years; income $70,818, with yearly 2% increase.




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Re: Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!

Congratulations on your CLI and approval!

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Re: Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!

Congrats! That's a pretty high starting limit!!!

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Re: Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!

Congratulation's on your approval NFCU is the best. 

NFCU Flagship 32,500 | Penfed PowerCash 8,750 | PENFED GOLD 12,500 | PenFed PL 20,000 | NFCU AMEX Rewards 37,500 | NFCU GoRewards 7,000 | FNBO VISA SIGNATURE 9,400 | Capital One Quicksilver 6,300 | Lowe’s 34,500 | Wells Fargo Propel 19,700 | Barclay Apple1k | Citi Rewards+ 12,100 | Citi Double Cash 14,800 | Citi Simplicity 7,000 | PNC Core VISA 22,500 | USAA AMEX 10,000 | Discover 17,000 | BB&T Rewards 4,500 | BB&T Bright Card 4,500 | GS Apple 6,000 | Chevron 2,500 | Fico 8 Scores EQ=757 | EX=760 | TU=771scores and CL current as of 08/22/22 AAoA years 6 months | AoOA=18yrs
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Re: Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!

Thanks, everyone! 😁

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Re: Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!


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Re: Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!

Congrats on the approval!  Go Navy!!

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Re: Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!

Well done, grats on a very nice new card and to the CLI on the other Smiley Happy

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Re: Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!

Very nice! Congratulations on approval and CLI. 

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Re: Holy #$%*!!! NFCU More Rewards Approval!

Congratulations 🎉 that's a fantastic approval & SL!!!

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