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Home Depot Approval

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Re: Home Depot Approval

Thanks for the inspiration! I am 17 months post BK and was previously turned down for a Home Depot card. Decided to give it another try and got the $500 starting line. Immediately called 800-677-0232 and asked for $3,000. Couldn't believe they instantly said approved. Maybe I should have asked for more, but it will work for now.

BK CH7 Discharged 03/2015
FICO8 EQ-657 TU-657 EX-665
Revolving credit lines 125k.
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Re: Home Depot Approval

Congrats on your approval and CLI!!

Fico 8's TU 756/ EQ 754/ EX 743- 8/2020// AAoA 5.7 years // Lines August 2020 = 619k Personal - Business 61k // Inquiries 6 TU - 0 Exp - 0 Eq.
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