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Home Depot CLI

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Home Depot CLI

So, I was looking at another thread where someone else had had a Home Depot card as long as I had, similar profile, etc.  So I figured I'd give it a go.  


Got the card in May 2017.  Used the pre-qual website, Approved for $500, originally. Recon'd immediately, denied.

Used the card for two small purchases, a couple months apart.  Let it report, PIF, let the $0 bal report, repeat.

CLI Request Yesterday (Sun 10/23)  Asked for $14,500 to bring it to 15k,  Came back with $5500, I'll take it !!


Did HP Equifax.  (AJC was correct, haha)


Checked my Score today, after the alert, still sitting at 678 EQ Fico 8 (CCT)


So, I did take a HP, but.... it didn't seem to affect anything.  Well worth it, then.  


Are they good about CLI's every 6 months or so?  Or should I just leave this one alone. 


 Also, off topic perhaps.  But, what benefit does HPing an existing client provide?  Is it cheaper this way, different info, something else?  They just want all the other banks to know you're asking for CLI's?  Just curious.  

Ok credit, getting better.....slowly.... Can't seem to stay in the Garden for any extended period of time. I'm trying. Mid to upper 600's across the board.
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Re: Home Depot CLI

Nice job JimBo99Smiley Happy. You can ask for a cli anytime i think but 6 months is probably best with Citi. Use the card more and next time they might grant the whole thing. Just tealize you use up a hp for more cli . Its ok, to me still worth having wiggle room to buy stuff without over utilizing your card. Smiley Happy
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Re: Home Depot CLI

I would think that HD wants others to know how often you are asking for a CLI. I wouldn't see any reason for them to do a HP other than that. I can't imagine it's any cheaper than a SP.

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Re: Home Depot CLI

Congratulations! HD is good about instant CLIs. Just raised the DW from 6K to 12K

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