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Home Depot CLI

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Home Depot CLI

So today I used my nearly my entire whopping $500 Home Depot credit line with a 10% off coupon, and really hated sing that much of a credit line.   I always PIF so I decided to take a shot on hitting the request increase button when I log in but I did not want a hard inquiry.  Both me and my wife both have seperate $500 cards even though most of our cards range in $8000-$25000 limit range, Citi is stingy I suppose. 


Anyway, I logged into both accounts to see if there was any wording saying hard inquiry. On hers when I put in the requested info which was $9500 more to make it 10k, the verification screen just above the submit button said in much smaller font size than the rest...



By submitting this form you authorize Citibank, N.A. to obtain your credit report.


This was immediately above the submit button on the request verification screen. Due to reading this I did not make the request on her account.


Then I did the exact same request on my account and DID NOT see that message above the submit button.  So why not I clicked it and received an instant $500 to $10,000 limit, likely left some on the table but I don't care.


I will report back in a week or so if it was a hard or not, but something tells me it was not.  So having that wording or not may be the clue.




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Re: Home Depot CLI

Congrats on your Home Depot CLI

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Re: Home Depot CLI

Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾 on your CLI.

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Re: Home Depot CLI

What an awesome increase. Congratulations!

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Re: Home Depot CLI

Congrats on your Home Depot CLI 👍🏼

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Re: Home Depot CLI

Congratulations on your Home Depot CLI!

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Re: Home Depot CLI

Congrats. Now thats a bump in the right direction.Nice.

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Re: Home Depot CLI

My $500 limit has cost THEM money since I can't buy anything on 0% and my Lowe's is $35k.


Congrats OP!


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Re: Home Depot CLI

Congratulations on your CLI!!

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Re: Home Depot CLI

Thanks all,


Sadly, even though mine did not have the credit pull message and the wife's did, I did end up getting a hard inquiry on Equifax today, at least the CLI was worth it. So don't trust it will be a soft if the message is not there.

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