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Re: credit card approval

I’m debating it. I just opened Overstock on Sunday and grabbed a second Disco last month. I don’t wanna go too nuts with new accounts...

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(Lol so much for that grand plan...)
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Re: credit card approval

Feel you on that, I just took a Raymour and Flamigan card today and did'nt want to but was  offered 0 apr for 6 months on 3200 on furniture so I had to get that deal.

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Re: credit card approval


I got this card fro them 5/2017 was my first card since some my credit died in 2016. It was unsecured I was astounded that I was approved. However my limit was 500 nothing to complain about considering my score was in the low 500s well now I've finally made it above 650 for a few consecutive months today, I login and see oh there is a request credit limit increase button newly added to my app. Anybody had any experience with their credit limit increases? It would really be soooooo nice if they would increase my limit, my current highest is a Discover secured at $1k hoping that will graduate soon, March will be a year with them

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Re: credit card approval

Congratulations on your approval!

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