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How can DW get $5000 QS.. That's BULL..but I'm happy!

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Re: How can DW get $5000 QS.. That's BULL..but I'm happy!

@Meanmchine wrote:

My Cap1 cards hve been in the sock draw for months. Asked for a CLI on my 10 year old $2k QS1 card nd ws approved for a whopping $150.  For accounts that are 10 yers old they re the lowest CLs in my deck.


Congrts OP and Mrs. OP

I would either try to combine if you have other CO cards, if not close that sucker......

You are good for next 10 years of that account reporting positively.....

 photo QS visa_zps7zokw2wl.jpg photo QS visa_zps7zokw2wl.jpg photo Venture One_zpsigvttrlz.jpg photo Sony Visa_zpsxoradr1b.jpg photo USC Reward_zpslcvjfxmq.jpg photo Penfed Promise_zpsdg1y2dw2.png photo NasaFcu_zpswac3zwcu.jpg photo America_zpsuwx8rzdm.jpg photo LA-Kings-card_zpslbkyeqsz.png photo Barclay_zpslqv3i4tl.jpg photo BBVA_zpsqrhh7omh.jpg
 photo nfcu debit card_zpsprkh98jw.png photo nfcu visa siggy_zps0gjgyxje.png/ photo nfcu goReward card_zpsixhh1qcp.jpg photo sdfcu platinum card_zpspilihdiv.png  photo penfed reward cash_zpsyckxjc7y.png photo alliant visa_zpsaf4udfx0.jpg photo Citi Secured_zpsypzxi0jm.png photo fnbo platinum_zpsxfub6esb.png photo marvel-credit-card_zpsfkvc3ux5.png photo golden 1 CU_zpslhgxynjv.pngBurned AECitiChase
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