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Hubby got his Walmart MC today and a CLI!

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Re: Hubby got his Walmart MC today and a CLI!

Possibly. I just called mine in yesterday after it sitting in envelope several days. During the phone call (robotic) they do a hard pull to review your credit for an increase. they gave me a small increase because I just got UPs on three other cards. Now, calling solutions and NOT activation line might fare well… but you did have the chance to opt out months ago.

New thought is to stall activation if you know more accounts going to report TU in your favor. In the next couple of weeks that might help Outcome but it's still going to be a hard pull
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Re: Hubby got his Walmart MC today and a CLI!

It wasn't a HP for hubby. Just checked his TU and his last inquiry was in November when he joined NFCU.
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Re: Hubby got his Walmart MC today and a CLI!

@NattyPButter wrote:

would this show up on report if I don't activate it?

Nope, at least there is no reason it should.  There are actually laws which prevent them from doing such things.  Companies used to upgrade people or offer purchases or other things but the trick they used was to say that unless you opt out they were going ahead with it.  Now because of such immoral practices companies are not allowed to use the opt out as a means to do what they want.  Companies were using the opt out as a way of entrapping people who could not respond for one reason or another.  Cell phone companies were the most public of companies doing this.  Now we are protected and have to agree to opt in.  Even advertising companies are now asking us to opt in because of this.  Before they could simply say in their terms and conditions for advertising/direct calling that unless we opted out we could receive telemarketing calls from them.  Now they ask more often and only the annoying ones don't let us know clearly we are opting in by signing up for something.

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Re: Hubby got his Walmart MC today and a CLI!

@TiggerDat wrote:

@stRealT wrote:

Just about every Sync upgrades, reports as a new account.  For most of the upgrades it's worth it to move some of your credit lines from the "store card reporting" to bankcard especially if there's no annual fee, the AAOA doesn't really take a huge hit at all unless you have a bunch of new accounts reporting. THe closed line will still show up for 10 years.

Yeah, but still it really is just an upgrade and you can buy anything from Walmart.  Walmart let's you use their website for purchases from many many different companies.

I think you misunderstood my post. I was saying taking the Walmart upgrade to the MC can be worth it, because it moves it from reporting as a retail/store card to a bankcard, so it has some benefits for a lot of people on just that note alone. Not only that, but sales through some places that also have their own retail cards, so for me, it's not a benefit. It only benefits me to buy whats sold directly from Walmart. The MC adds a arm to your arsenal. You aren't confined to buying through or Walmart owned stores like Sam's (in person shopping).  


I answered in regard to reporting pros/cons

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