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I'm finally in with Discover!!

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I'm finally in with Discover!!

Got a referral thread from a longtime friend after finally seeing a "Personalized Offer" with an 3 point APR spread more in my general neigherhood (20-23%). Apped for the 3rd time and approved for $4k.


Not gonna complain!


1 year history

13 account on EQ (14 Now)

Score 702 Fico 8

13 Inquires (14 Now)

11% Util

100% Payment history with no lates.

AMEXPRG.jpgBCP.jpgstarwood-preferred-guest.pnggold-delta-skymiles.pngCapOne QS new.pngavsf0i.pngciti-double-cash-credit-card.jpgplatinum_visa_card.png41VgxfCVJOL.jpg
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Re: I'm finally in with Discover!!


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Re: I'm finally in with Discover!!

Woo-Hoo!! Congrats on the Approval! 

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Re: I'm finally in with Discover!!

Welcome to the Disco! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: I'm finally in with Discover!!

Way to Go!!! Smiley Happy

USAA Rate Advantage Visa 17.5% 7K|USAA AMEX Rewards+ 5K|USAA Prefered Rewards Visa 4.5K|USAA Classic Visa 2.5K|USAA Classic AMEX 2.5K|USAA Classic MC 2K|CaptialOne QS1 4.5K|Capial One QS Visa 1K|AMEX-EDC 1K|BofA Rewards VISA 10K| BarclayCard Rewards 4K|Barclaycard Choice Rewards Visa 1.4K|Walmart Store Card 6K|Amazon Store Card 4K|Sam's Club 10K|Meriick Visa 1.2K|OverStock 2K|Hilton-AMEX 5K|AMEX BCE 16K|PENFED PRVS 9K|AMEX PRG NSPL|FICOs: EQ 688 EXP 679 TU 685
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Re: I'm finally in with Discover!!

Congratulations!! Nice approval..Smiley Happy

American Express Business Gold(NPSL 10k) Chase CSP (25k) BofA CR Siggy (20.8k) BofA BBR (22.1k) Amex BCP(4.1k) Overstock (21.1K) Lowes (17K) NFCU CLOC (15K) NFCU VS Cash (15K) Care Credit (15k) J Crew( 11.9k)Venture WMC (10.25k) Amex Everyday (1k) Chase Slate (10k) Walmart MC(10k) BB Visa (10k) Discover(4.5k☝️) PayPal Cashback Mastercard (8k) Chase FU (7.4k) Citi AAdvantage Gold World Elite (9.5K) Citi Double Cash (8.5k) Fidelity® Rewards Visa Signature® Card (6.5K) PenFed PCR (5K) PayPal Credit (4550)Discover (500✌️) Kohls (3k) Chase Freedom (1500)

Mortgage May 2017 - 2 auto loans (1 PenFed and 1 Navy) Aug 2018=98K
Gardening until June 2021

FICO 8 Scores EX 700 EQ 696 TU 703
AAOA 5.2yrs TCL=268,700
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