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I need to stop 😂 Another one.

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Re: I need to stop 😂 Another one.



I definitely agree you should slow down for a few months!

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Re: I need to stop 😂 Another one.

Congrats, yes for me it took awhile before I was approved for a Target card, starting limit was also $300.00.
For the most part it was somehow very difficult for me to obtain a single Comentity credit line.
Suddenly something clicked on, and was approved for Target, VS, New York &Company, J Crew, and Forever 21.
Department store cards, I usually seldom would charge more than maybe $120.00 for an online purchase, and probably less in store.

Some would say I have too many Department store cards? I don't know.
It's just I like all of those stores.
Including my Belk, Gap, Lowes, Walmart, JC Penney, and Khols,

Khols $700.00, Lowes $5000.00, Gap $400.00, Belk $300.00, Ebay Mastercard $500.00, Credit One $950.00, Merrick Bank $1,600.00, Capital One $500.00, Walmart $3,500.00, Amazon $600.00, Paypal $1,500.00. VS $500.00, JCrew, Belk, Gap, New York &Company, JC Penney, Amazon, Credit One $600.00,
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Re: I need to stop 😂 Another one.

It can be addictive. I said I would stop when I hit the 40 mark. Then I applied for more and I now have 42 credit cards. Good luck to you. I am sure you are not done at the 5 though.

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