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I think it's time for the garden

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Re: I think it's time for the garden

Currently 674 equifax, 683 transunion (Balance increase on cards dropped 6 points) and 671 experian (17 point drop from all this.

I should note that my fico bankcard score was in the early 700 and has dropped about 30 points on average.
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Re: I think it's time for the garden

So, haven't been apping since with an exception. One month ago was shopping on Amazon and was offered a $70 gift card with approval of the Amazon Chase Visa. Apped and approved for 3k. Recently renewed my Costco card and the next day apped online for the Citi Costco Anywhere Visa. Approved for 4k. Back in September, Amex trippled my limit from 2k to 6k. Also, refinanced my car (4/6 years remaining) at 2.19% and will save a ton on interest.

I'm glad.I didn't wait on the refinance for my car and although my scores have taken a hit here and there, the Costco Anywhere Visa was a big win and very coveted card for me.

I've recently taken advantage of the Chase total checking mail offer $300 bonus coupon and with having the Freedom card and now Amazon visa, it'll be useful to have for quick payments.

Last things, I haven't used the grocery benefits as much as anticipated with the Amex Blue Cash Preferred so I think I'll be downgrading to the one without a fee. I really have nothing I need until the Sapphire Preferred at this point. So much for gardening since May, but wanted to share the progress.

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Re: I think it's time for the garden

Nice update! Some things are worth emerging from the garden. If you are a prime member they have a 5% cash back card now which is even better than the Chase Amazon, I got a $40 gift card with mine.

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