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IKEA Projekt Card Approved

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IKEA Projekt Card Approved

Filled out preapproval... said prequalified for up to 6,000. Completed application- approved for $550.

Umm... no lol

Registered account online, hit the love button- approved for another $1500, so cl now $2050.00. Tried again and a big red nope Smiley Happy Its not 6k, but certainly better than 550...

HP on Experian for card, sp for cli
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Re: IKEA Projekt Card Approved

I had the same thing, it says 5500 prequal, approved 3k. Next day, I called for CLI, aproved for 5500 Smiley Wink
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Re: IKEA Projekt Card Approved


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS on your IKEA Projekt Card approval and the additional CLI - That's how it's DONE!!! 

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Re: IKEA Projekt Card Approved

Wait a week or two then hit the button again.


Oh yeah, congratulations!

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Re: IKEA Projekt Card Approved

Congrats on your approval!

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Re: IKEA Projekt Card Approved

Congrats on the new IKEA card and keep hitting the luv button!

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