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IN with Discover IT! Woot!

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Re: IN with Discover IT! Woot!

Congrats! I also did not receive the 0% intro rate when I applied, but I wanted the card for the rewards, and I wanted another card with a high CL, to assist in getting CLIs from my other lenders. It is funny that a lot of us are having that experience. Discover plays customers with the APR, huh? Good thing we all know not to carry a balance. Smiley Happy
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Re: IN with Discover IT! Woot!

Congrats. I was approved earlier this year with 2 old unpaid baddies. I got the 0% APR for 11 months but then it goes up to 22.99%, same CL as you.


I didn't get any auto CLI until I finally redeemed a $50 Cashback Bonus for statement credit, a $200 increase on such a low limit definitely helps!

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Re: IN with Discover IT! Woot!

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