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In with Cap One.....

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In with Cap One.....

Well I am not the largest fan of Cap One for the most part I feel that their offerings are very mediocore, but I do love the looks of Cadillacs, and the earning rate on the Buypower card has been gnawing at me recently. Submitted my app and was instantly approved for $500 lmao.. lowest limit yet, oh well guess I will have to get to the $5k in small increments. Also nice to have a Mastercard with no FTF. Likely gonna close the Santander card unless they offer me a retention bonus. Of course went for the Cadi design Smiley Wink


Stats:  Ex |710, 52 INQs, Tu|734, 36 INQs, Eq, 721, 41 INQs, AAoA 10 months


Was approved for the 20.65% but I always PIF anyway. 



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Re: In with Cap One.....

Congratulations tydawg on your Cap1 approval!
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Re: In with Cap One.....

Congratulations on the approval, tydawg! 

Current Scores: EQ 679;TU 647; EX 679 Gardening since 11/7/18
Beginning Scores-- EQ 632; TU 576; EX 619 FICO 08 (06/13/16) - BK7 discharged 11/2015
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Re: In with Cap One.....

Sounds like they gave you a Cimmaron (also known as the Chevy Cavalier).  The card looks great though.


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Re: In with Cap One.....

Congrats. It's also nice to see someone with more INQ's than me getting approved. 

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Updated 1-25-18
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