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Interesting CLI's: Discover vs. Citi

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Interesting CLI's: Discover vs. Citi

3 days before my 6 month anniversary of getting a CLI with my Citi Costco card, I hit the soft pull CLI button expecting that I would be declined as it was still 3 days before being exactly 6 months. Instead, I recieved a $3000 CLI increase from $8500 to $11500. This was a very pleasant surprise. 


Tonight, I tried for the sake of it to get a Discover CLI. Discover has been one of my favorite cards with the rotating 5 percent catagories and I would love to have a better credit limit with it. Discover was my first card a little more than 2 years ago. I opened it as a secured card and graduated in the 7 months. Each increase has been $500 or less. Tonight, they gave me a puny $300 CLI from $3500 to $3800. Very interesting that Citi is giving me a 5 figure limit with a $3000 increase, while Discover has done very little in the way of growing. My 2 other main cards have limits of $17000 and $9500.


As of right now, my FICOs are 770 EQ, 790 TU, 791 Ex. Utilization on Discover was reported at 8 percent and my Citi Costco is around 2 percent. I pay each in full every month. 

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Re: Interesting CLI's: Discover vs. Citi

Give them a call and try to double dip.

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Re: Interesting CLI's: Discover vs. Citi

Congratulations on your CLIs!

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Re: Interesting CLI's: Discover vs. Citi

I feel your frustration.  Honestly, I am sock drawering my DISC as soon as I app for AMEX and NFCU. They haven been rather disappointing, and I am not interested in tiny incremental CLIs (or declined all together for them).  It just doesn't feel like they want my business.

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Re: Interesting CLI's: Discover vs. Citi

Something iv noticed and perhaps others have too is that discover is bucketing folks esp who got their secured card.... They always have but the buckets were generous to nonexistant depending on the profile... This is similar to Cap One where eventually theres almost no growth in certain folks cards... If your scores climb up substantially... after a year you can apply for a second discover card.. and oftentimes/almost always get the double cashback offer again and the 0 offer again... And this card oftentimes will start a bit higher and grow faster.... Discover is still unpredictable on the amount and frequency of CLIs... but realize this might be an option... Still think secured cards are treated differently even after being unsecured..
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Re: Interesting CLI's: Discover vs. Citi

You’re still winning 

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Re: Interesting CLI's: Discover vs. Citi

Congrats on your CLI !!!!



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