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J Crew CLI

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Re: J Crew CLI

Very nice! My Jcrew hit 13 months old and I bumpd up from $9650 to $13450.  It will definitly grow.

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Re: J Crew CLI

Comenity is pretty awesome like that with JCrew.



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Re: J Crew CLI

When are y'all seeing your first CLI with JCrew or any of the other Comenity Bank Store cards?  I have J Crew, VS and Express.  Got approved early July, tried for CLI when the cards arrived and just now , again, the day after the first statement cut.  Prob gonna try again after the next statement cuts and every month thereafter.  I have bought something on all 3 and payed back a couple weeks later to keep Util to zero for statement cutting day.   Just curious as to others' experience.

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Re: J Crew CLI

I think for jcrew, you can do it once a day - at least that's my case. I can request CLI once a day - and now I am at $20k limit, only used it once for about $400 purchased.
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Re: J Crew CLI

Congrats on your CLI !!

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