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Kays CLI

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Re: Kays CLI

Do you know who Jared and Key pull through??

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Re: Kays CLI

Equifax for me

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Re: Kays CLI

seems like 90% of lenders pull EQ... poor EQ gets abused! Smiley Mad

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Re: Kays CLI

I have $5000 that I opened w kays. I thought i was smart and applied to jareds and bought a watch so it would report. Now on my credit reports it shows 2500 for each store. Screwed myself big time!!!

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Re: Kays CLI

I'm not very happy with Kays. The rep lied to me when I apped in December in-store they approved me for $2,000. I asked for a higher line because I didn't want to spend over half of my limit and she called CS and they upped it to 2,700. OK I got what I needed for the DW and it reports as 2,000 not 2,700. I call and the rep. pretty much says there's nothing they can do they review accounts every 6 months and they'll see if I qualify. I hate when people give misinformation!

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