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Kohl's CLIs

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Re: Kohl's CLIs

@psuede600 lucky for her my mom opened hers in Nov 2009 and got a $800 and it has been the same ever since. A CLI would be great hopefully capital one makes up their mind soon!

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Re: Kohl's CLIs

I tried just a few days ago and got the same story. Currently revising policy for CLIs and not giving anyone any CLI at the current time.


They do have great deals but they've been annoying me lately. Not only are they responsible for my lowest limit (worse than Cap1!), they don't even seem to "value me as a customer" when they see I have the Kohl's charge. They haven't helped me out at all when I've forgotten to bring coupons I'd just received, and they made me jump through hoops to exchange a pair of tights I'd purchased 3 minutes earlier in the wrong size.

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