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Kohls CLI 1k->2k, Disco CLI +1k

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Re: Kohls CLI 1k->2k, Disco CLI +1k

Congrats on you and DW's CLI's 👍🏼

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Re: Kohls CLI 1k->2k, Disco CLI +1k

That's an amazing increase conratulations!

SoFi World Elite MC (TBOM) $7000 SL
REDcard $2500 SL
AmEx Cash Magnet $10k SL, CLI after 36hr to $20k
BB&T $11k SL- impulse application
BB&T $11k SL- AU, not on reports- impulse app (wife's card)
Discover $6300 CL- $1k SL- AU, no longer on reports b/c of error (wife's card)
Citi Double Cash WEMC $2900 SL, $4400 CL- AU- (wife's card)
AmEx Cash Magnet- $3100 SL, $9300 CL (wife's card)
BoA Cash Rewards $11k CL- AU (Dad's card)
BoA Premium Rewards $12.3k CL- AU (Dad's card)
PSECU Founder's Card $30k SL- AU (Dad's card)
AmEx Cash Magnet $12.5k SL- AU (Dad's card)
Wells Fargo Propel AmEx- $2500 SL, $3200 CL (AU, wife's card, not on CR b/c I was temporarily removed as an AU)

All PIF, frequently before statement close

Goals: Buy a house & get approved for an AOD VISA Signature card (or other 3% cashback)
Closed accounts (I had a long period of inactivity): AmEx clear, Citi ThankYou (previously Driver's Edge), Chase Freedom, Cap One, Discover IT, Lowes Charge (really stupid, huge limit), my 1st REDcard, Visa, Children's Place, Kohl's Charge, Angel Card (AU- wife's), Old Navy card
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