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LL Bean MC from Citi, CLI = HP

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LL Bean MC from Citi, CLI = HP

The LL Bean MC is a lesser known card but it's been in my lineup for nearly 9 years.  I started my CLI progression:


BOA Cash Reward +9000

Capital One QS +3000

Citi Simplicity +2000

Discover +300 (how generous)


Mixed in all of these SP CLI's was LL Bean.  I got comfortable and sloppy and resulted a HP from EQ.  This request returned with a 2-4 hour notification.  The take away is, pay attention to the details and stay alert.



Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 9.54.32 AM.png

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Re: LL Bean MC from Citi, CLI = HP

Not surprised on the HP outcome given this is typical for Citi retail CCs such as Shell, Best Buy, Exxon/Mobil, Sears, Home Depot, etc.
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Re: LL Bean MC from Citi, CLI = HP

My application went to manual review.  I wasn't walking away without a payoff, after the HP.  I got the 14.5k CLI.


Still mildly wet behind the ears...

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Re: LL Bean MC from Citi, CLI = HP

That is ALOT of LL Bean merchandise Smiley Tongue..  congrats on the CLI, at least it was a positive outcome.

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